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Some realize they have foolishly overlooked many wonderful partners and are opening their eyes for the first time.Some romanticize certain disabilities, while others - too few, but more every day - see the person first.Outside this diverse community of ours, the phrase "disabled dating" invariably calls wheelchairs to mind.Every website devoted to romance for the disabled features the same tired photos of couples on the beach, one in a wheelchair, the other walking slowly alongside, head bowed attentively. Some disabilities are invisible and much stigma surrounds and impedes individuals impacted from getting a fair shot at dating.Because she is missing her leg, she also has only half a bum and half a pelvis, and she was worried that her vagina was disfigured—she’d never compared hers to anyone else’s.Growing up in Brampton, Ont., Dixon’s sex education came entirely from friends (and one incident where, at her mom’s insistence, she and her older brother practiced rolling condoms onto bananas).They will include losing weight (and probably putting it back on within a few weeks), stopping smoking (and then starting again on the first day back at work), and trying to find ‘the one’, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You might have a PA, so would need them to come on your date; you might have limited mobility, so can only meet at certain places, or you might have language difficulties that require certain level of understanding from the other person.Seven years ago, Stephanie Dixon, the 17-time Paralympic medallist who was widely considered to be one of the best female swimmers in the world, appeared on billboards across the country.In the ad, Dixon, then 26, exudes confidence and defiance in a black one-piece suit: her eyebrow is cocked, her arms are crossed, and her biceps look cut as she poses next to a slogan that reads, “She doesn’t want your sympathy.But her opponents might.” Dixon stands tall and elegant against the stark white backdrop, her left leg muscular and shapely.Her right leg is missing, because she was born a congenital amputee.

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