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I had a summer once where I spent a lot of time with my friend Charlotte, and Charlotte talks with very long vowels.

I remember that fall, my dad was saying, “You know, you’re sounding a lot like Charlotte, and I want my daughter back.” Something kind of quippy, like he was offended or something that I wasn’t sounding more like I came from their family.

David Cook was announced the winner of the competition on May 21, 2008, defeating runner-up David Archuleta by a margin of roughly 12 million votes out of over 97 million, which was at that time the highest recorded vote total ever recorded in the show's history. The seventh season was the first season during which neither the winner nor the runner-up was ever in the bottom group during any week before the finale on May 21, 2008, with the second being the ninth season.

It was also the second season during which both the winner and the runner-up were male contestants, with the second season being the first, the third being the eighth season and the fourth being the fourteenth season.

David Archuleta made a pretty big announcement about his personal life at a concert in Utah last night ...

but to people who know the guy, it probably wasn't that shocking. putting his music career on hold for two-years to fulfill a full-time mission with the Mormon church!!

The season finale also moved from the Kodak Theatre to the larger Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Changes were planned for season 7 designed to return attention to the contestants by providing more information on their backgrounds and families.

A major change for the seventh season was allowing contestants to play musical instruments, an element that originated on Australian Idol and can also be seen on Norway's Idol and Canadian Idol.

Michael Johns died on August 1, 2014, making him the first American Idol finalist to die.

Joanne Borgella, a semi-finalist, died on October 18, 2014.

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