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Thanks for making her more vampire in her thought process in this one. Strong, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Loved exploring Macie's internal workings and her budding friendship with Rebekah but I can't wait to see Kol again! Well I definitely like that Rebekah didn't sugar coat how she sees Macie currently and how Kol's personality really is.

Because in the beginning she seemed very human in her mannerisms and thought process and beliefs. I was so EXCITED when I got my notification that this had been updated.Hi, thanks again for the recommendation over at cmficfinders. I also appreciate how you insert her backstory into the plot without it being to dominating. I hope it's okay that I have two suggestions for improvement. Your oc is believable, as is the way she and reid get to know each other.Stefan and Damon aren't saints but since they worship Elena they get a free pass apparently, bleh.:: MY CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE NEXT PAGE :: Link = L5Kmk Let me put it this way, Klingon is not a made-up language, it is a real language spoken by made-up people the Klingons, who are aliens , and that s a significant difference.

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