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Though I was fascinated by Britain, I didn’t know much else about it – there were The Beatles, of course, and English muffins and a two-week family trip to London when I was sixteen during which I fondly remember watching Big Brother and experiencing my first tube strike.But the primary cultural exports I received from across the Atlantic were writers, so I pieced Britain together from books much as I imagine British children pieced together America from Friends and Home Alone.Anyway, I am no medical expert, but one thing I found reassuring when the nurse told me about my abnormal smear was that sometimes they can diagnose cervical cancer just from the smear test.I clung on to the fact that they hadn't and this (and being more worried about Dad than myself) got me through.Ive suffered from heavy periods all my life, yet 7 months ago i started experiencing large clots, also i started suffereing from fizzing/numbness constantly in my right leg, and constant lower dull back pain, along with bleeding inbetween my periods.I 'googled' these and found they are all symptoms of advanced cervical cancer !!!!

A couple of years later in 1993 I came to Scotland, unexpectedly fell in love, and stayed here.I have had an abnormal smear in the past and treatment for the CIN3 they found - I get more regular smears now for the next 5 years (I am a couple of years into them).I was very worried at the time, like you I had gone for a smear test after having reproductive symptoms that were worrying me - in my case pain in my left ovary which I still get now on and off (I was convinced at the time that it must be cancer as my Dad had just been diagnosed with it - Oesophageal, and I thought I must be joining him).Don’t beat yourself up about getting into difficulties with booze - join the Soberistas community instead and start working towards a happier, healthier you today.” - Lucy Rocca, Founder of Soberistas I'm forty-two. I don’t scare easy these days, but I think it would be fair to say that there’s currently a very fine line between me and abject terror. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark Twain The most cunning trick that alcohol plays on us is convincing us that we need it in order to have a good time. It’s about time I started to address the problem I have with my levels of irritation.I can be walking down the road and a fellow pedestrian might turn a corner and into my path and in a millisecond, I find myself in a rage. After two decades of drinking more than I ever set out to, I kicked the booze once and for all in April 2011.

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