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Monatelang haben sich die Schweizer 20 in die amerikanische Iran-Politik eingemischt.

Wie aus den US-Depeschen hervorgeht, drängte Außenministerin Micheline Calmy-Rey auf eine aktive Rolle der Eidgenossen. Geboren 1978 in Lausanne (Schweiz), studierte in Basel Geschichte und Germanistik und arbeitete vier Jahre im Feuilleton der "Basler Zeitung".

LEvi NE Two Ne O'Assyrian Stelae from Iran ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM Art and Archaeology Editorial Board CHAIRMAN: P. Stele of Sargon II, copy of text, back, 68-75 List of Plates I Stele of Tiglath II Stele of Tiglath III Stele of Tiglath IV Stele of Tiglath V Stele of Tiglath VI Stele of Tiglath VII Stele of Sargon VIII Stele of Sargon IX Stele of Sargon X Stele of Sargon XI Stele of Sargon Pileser III, front view , 76 Pileser III, side view , 77 Pileser III, detail of text, front top , 78 Pileser III, detail of text, front bottom, 79 Pileser III, detail of text, side top ,80 Pileser III, detail of text, side bottom, 81 II, front view, 52 II, back view ,83 II, detail of text, top ,84 II, detail of text, middle ,85 II, detail of text, bottom ,86 Preface With this pub Hcation, the result of five years of intermittent work on the two stelae is tlnally presented. Without her, the whole task would have been infinitely more com- p Hcated. After a period of Assyrian weakness, which witnessed the expan- sion of Urartu, Assyria's great rival to the north, and the concomi- tant loss of many of the gains made by Shalmaneser, Assyria once again began to expand. It should also be noted that the stele account is cast in the phraseology of a campaign, in the older tradition of Assurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III, while the annals account is cast as a narrative.

Stele of Tiglath Pileser III, copy of text, front, 64 2. In the east, however, this po Hcy was much less consistently applied. The first part of the account of the sixth campaign on the stele roughly parallels the account in the annals.

While the Tiglath Pileser ill stele was more tangentially related to our archaeological work in western Iran, the same help and encouragement were extended there as well. In the preparation of the Tiglath Pileser stele, Professor A. Tadmor has spent many an evening (and some wee hours of the morning) discussing historical and historiographic problems with me and has helped me through the maze of Tiglath Pileser Ill's inscriptions. However, once again the east received relatively little atten- tion. [MAN GAL MAN KAL MAN kis-s]d-ti MAN KURas-^Sur KI MAN KURsu-me-rim^Kl^ ii akkadi KI MAN kib-ra]t 4 SIPA ba-'u-la-a-ti[m] sa-kin an—du—r]a C^)—ar KUR as-^sur mu—tib lib—bi X mu -ra-ap-pi-is] mi- sir K\JR [as-^]sur X X X X] DIE sa D\J-si-na DA X X X X X X] NA QI BU SI UKU. This en- tire section in the stele is summarized by a single line in the annals account of the sixth campaign (line 100), and even that line hardly indicates the size of the undertaking.

The text of the Sargon stele was originally included as an appen- dix to the Ph. dissertation which I submitted to the University of Pennsylvania in 1969. Kirk Grayson undertook the onerous task of checking the text against the photographs, and suggested many improved readings, and Professor R. Perhaps because Tiglath Pileser envisaged no serious threat arising from this quarter, he devoted only two campaigns to the Zagros. The extreme compression of the account of this part of the campaign in the annals once again raises the serious historiographic question of the vahdity of the late copies of the annals for the reconstruction of the historical events which they describe.

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PRICE: .00 © The Royal Ontario Museum, 1972 PRINTED BY THORN PRESS Contents List o^ Figures, vi List of Plates, i7" Preface, 1 Abbreviations, 3 Ifitrochiction, 5 The Stele of Tig lath Pileser III, 11 Description, 12 Literary form, 13 Date of the stele, 14 Column L front, 16 Column II, side, 18 Commentary, 20 The Stele of Sargon II, 25 Description, 26 Literary form, 27 The text, 28 Date of the stele, 33 Column I, obverse, 34 Column II, reverse, 34 Commentary, 46 Appendix, 51 I The "standard" type, 51 II The ''obelisk" type, 55 III The miscellaneous pieces, 56 Notes, 59 Figures, 64 Plates, 76 List of Figures Map— The Central Zagros in the Neo-Assyrian Period, 8 1 . Levine Abbreviations AAWB Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akadcniic dor Wisscn- schaften zu Berlin, philosophisch-historische Klasse. This pattern of first imposing vassalage and then incorporating the territory out- right was often used by the Assyrians against smaller states, espe- cially those in the west. It not only supplies a great deal of new historical information, but also raises some weighty historiographic problems.

LEVINE is Assistant Curator in the West Asian Department of the Royal Ontario Museum. A., A Political History of Post-Kassite Bahy- lofiia, Analecta Orientalia 43. A0AT6 Parpola, Simo, Neo-Assyrian Toponynis, Alter Orient und Altes Testament, Band 6. CM HEI HGZ HKL ICC LAR NPN Codex Hammiirapi Cameron, George G., History of Early Iran. Levine, Louis D., Contributions to the Historical Geogra- phy of the Zagros in the Neo-Assyrian Period. Borger, R., Handbuch der Keilschriftliteratur, Band 1. Assyrian involvement with the east began in earnest in the early ninth century. C.) the most westerly of the Zagros areas, called by the Assyrians Zamua, was brought under imperial vassalage, and shortly thereafter was actual- ly incorporated into the empire's provincial system. [To Ashur, ru) ler of the gods, determiner of the fates, 3. 28 The account of the sixth campaign, which occupies the major portion of the stele, is the most important part of this text.

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