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In 2013, UK sex writer Emily Dubberley wrote 'Garden Of Desires: The Evolution Of Women's Sexual Fantasies', which examined what's changed in the past 40 years.

I had a speaking role on General Hospital, and would do work as an "extra" to pay the bills. In a pioneering report , HUD found that LGBTQ individuals were discriminated against in housing rental markets. Mulabdih approached us took the hand of Catherine and led her to the stone ledge.

Also, it’s important to note that the WW feature was heavily inspired and modified from The CSPH’s “Hump Day Heroes” feature. Every weekend, we feature different individuals (“Weekend Warriors”) that are working around social justice and making a change in the world so that we can all live free from violence and oppression.

The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the work that is currently being done, highlight the amazing people doing it (with a focus on Rhode Island) and show the varied paths people have taken to this kind of social change.

There will be more writings on my career path for those interested in following it or doing something similar too!

At its core, this project is about empowerment and building community!

I often find myself with my spoons in multiple pots at once.

If the proposed regulations didn’t destroy their multibillion-dollar industry, they said, they would likely force it underground.

Doing that, they added, could be even worse for performers by eliminating existing safeguards such as the industry’s requirement that actors be tested every 14 days for sexually transmitted diseases.

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