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The entrepreneur and philanthropist proved that age is just a number on I’m A Celebrity, attracting the attention of gorgeous reality stars Ferne Mc Cann and Vicky Pattison.We love a man who can make us laugh, making stand-up comedian and actor Lenny Henry the man for us. Age has been kind to this silver fox since his Fawlty Towers days, and at 6″4 we could wear any heels that we liked around him.We asked her about the recent stats that revealed both men and women’s dating profiles are viewed more or less depending on their hair colour.Why does peoples’ hair colour have an effect on their dating profile views?A woman’s choice to leave a long marriage is often the result of empty nest syndrome.

Her name is Freda and she lives, by day, with owner Maddie Bates.According to the data many people find that after their children have left home and they’ve retired they have a new lease of life and sense of freedom.Men and women can now expect to live, on average, another 25-30 years after retirement.The ‘silver fox’ is a man who knows himself and what he wants.He may have a wandering eye and a sense for adventure and some people are suggesting the phenomena could be a delayed mid-life crisis.

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By the time he got there, the fox had disappeared- but lucily Mr Stevens managed to guess its direction of travel and managed to get a photo.

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