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Please see There are three data tables (Users, Roles and Controls) and two tables that create many-to-many relationships: Users To Roles and Controls To Roles. The Controls table represents a control on a form, and Controls To Roles is the heart of the control-based security approach; it represents the permissions of a given role for a given control on a given form, as is explained in detail below.

The application may consist of any number of forms.

NET is not very detailed and internet searching showed only fragments of a solution.

So I decided to write this article to compare SBL and VB. SBL has the advantage to be available out of the box as part of the Kofax Capture solution.

Set Focus: Validate No Empty Fields = False End Function 'create as many form as you wish 'create label control array Label1 in each form ' write label caption that will finish with ':' for instance Address: ' create equal number of inputs for instance text boxes ' to avoid writing msg box when user missed some text box just put this to validate for instance on click event ' function will return which text box left without input with label's caption and will set focus there Set Frm For Check = Me ' will check if there are empty entries Index N = 1' this is for label array # 1, for 4 you put 4 and s.o.

Item(Index N)) - 1), vb Information, "Empty record": Text Box Check.

I hammered all the possible combinations I could think of and Ed C. I burned a good hour or two with this my self and was wondering if the grid should throw some sort of error in place of this odd behavior.

You may also come across the situation if you have ajaxified your Rad Grid because you are experiencing a partial postback of your page.

In the meantime Kofax Capture also supports C# and VB. The Softbridge Basic Language was deprecated with the current version 10.x of Kofax Capture.

The Grid Edit Command Column opens it up but the Insert and Update links are the ones that are having the issue.

The problem is when you implement on Insertcommand and on Update Command methods auto insert and updates must be set to false. Thanks for reporting back, and I'm glad that my suggestion worked out for you.

By default, when you edit a row with Rad Grid using Pop Up or Forms (or even User Control), the edit form should automatically close when you fire the Insert/Update command.

For some "proof by example," check out these live demos: That said, based on the Rad Grid configuration you posted, it does not seem to be properly configured for data editing. This column will automatically provide the "Edit" button in the "read mode" and the "Update/Cancel" buttons in the edit mode. If those do not validate, your grid will appear not to "exit" edit mode when the page is posted. From your post I can't tell too much about what your situation is, but if this applies to you I suggest trying it.

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